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Marielys Gomez
Doctor Vetere office always brings me back to life. I go to his office twice a week and for some reason there’s always a sense of peace and wellness. He is very professional and easy going! I have to say that my lower back pain has improve and I would highly recommend his practice.

Andrea D
Dr. V is truly amazing!!!! He has a wealth of knowledge not only in chiropractic medicine but in overall health and wellness and spirituality. He is a Christian man and takes a holistic approach to his work. He is personable and explains …More

Deborah Hidalgo
I have been seeing Dr Vetere for 2 years and can say that my initial excruciating back pain is completely gone. He is a miracle worker. I would highly recommend to anyone with back, neck, or body pains in general to give him a try.

Karelyn Tatis
Doctor Vetere is very kind, informative, & helpful. That’s all I need. He welcomed me to his office and explained how the treatment/recovery process goes. Dr V also gave me very good information I did not know about subluxation. And best of all we’re working towards my feeling better! Definitely recommend.

Dr. Vetere

Genesis Life Chiropractic Center