The Genesis Life 49-day Health Revelation workbook. This is a fabulous tool/journal to record a 49 day journey of connecting the Word of God and your success in health.  This is fun, but convicting at the same time… really a life changer.   Normally $25    SPECIAL OFFER $14.99

The Genesis exercise instruction video series.  This series is made for those who are stuck and have trouble being motivated to exercise.  Included are videos of various stretches for trouble areas like the shoulders and low back, and section of advanced core exercises for the more adventurous.

Normally $35    SPECIAL OFFER $19.99

The DOMINION DIET wellness series (on Video).  This is 3.5 hour, 17 segment video presentation that will walk you step-by-step through the process of changing and solidifying a healthy diet that will get you the best shape of your life. Normally $45    SPECIAL OFFER $29.99

Personal Consultation and 1 follow up visit with Dr. Vetere: at The Bronx, New York office. 
(Those outside the NYC area can receive a phone consultation and a referral to colleague of Dr. Vetere in your area)  
Normally $165    SPECIAL OFFER $74.99

ALL THE ABOVE + The Personal Consultation 
Normally $240    SPECIAL OFFER $104.99

  SPECIAL OFFER Autographed Copy $16 (+$2.99 for shipping)

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