Genesis Life Wellness Program: Weight Loss & Natural Health Solutions

The Genesis Life Wellness Program is our premier health service for those individuals looking to naturally improve their overall health.  

  • Doctor supervised Weight Loss & Fitness Management
  • Customized Diet, Nutrition & Exercise planning
  • Natural Alternative for common conditions and physical ailments with Chiropractic 

Hundreds of patients have gotten tremendous results with the GLWP.  Visit the testimonial page for more information.

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Headache Clinic: Including Migraines & Vertigo

The only thing worse than a splitting headache is a splitting headache that keeps on coming back.  Headaches such a migraines can be debilitating and really rob the joy out of life.  The medical management of such headaches is traditionally medications, and some with serious side effects worse that the headache themselves.

Chiropractic adjustments to misaligned vertebrae in the neck has proven to be safe and highly effective in the treatment and correction of these conditions.  There is no need to continue suffering.

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​Low Back Pain Clinic:

Low back pain is so common that it is frequently ignored and often covered up with anti-inflammatories and pain killers.  Unfortunately low back pain caused by herniated discs or vertebral subluxation can be very problematic if not treated correctly.  Chiropractic adjustments can correct the imbalances of the lower spine and restore normal function to the area. It's safe, effective and can in some cases prevent surgery.

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Sports Injuries:

Getting hurt participating in sports of fitness activities can be very frustrating.  No athlete wants to sit on the bench and watch his or her team play.  Even the regular exercise enthusiast hates breaking a workout routine due to injury.

Our special approach to whole body balance and spinal core correction has shown great results in the treatment of all types of joint injuries, not only injuries to the spine.  For example, many knee injuries with documented damage can heal when balance to the overall frame is restored.  

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Auto & Works Related Accidents:

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable and the consequences can be devastating.  Whiplash to the neck and back, or severe strains due to heavy lifting can cause permanent disability if not treated correctly.  Medication and PT may help with the pain, but only Chiropractic adjustments can directly correct subluxations in the spine.

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