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1 Point: Check-in office visit

6 Points: When your referral shows up for a consultation

6 Points: For posting a google review (limited 1x per month)

3 Points: For posting referral link on Facebook (limited 1x per month)


25 Points: 15 minute Stretch Session

30 Points: Genesis Life Hoody Sweatshirt

60 Points: The Massage Chair

100 Points: Free Month of care

Welcome to the Genesis Life Rewards Program.  This is my opportunity to show my gratitude to the many wonderful patients who trust me to help them get well and stay well.

The GLRP is a fun way to help others get well by sharing the benefits of Chiropractic

This will now allow hundreds of people to see your post and become potential REWARDS POINTS


When you click on the "TEXT"

(or e-mail)

you will be instructed to send this message to a friend.

When you open the link from the text you will be directed to your personal Rewards Page

2. The text will thank you for visiting and inform you of the first available Reward you can claim.  In the example above, the first Reward is a Genesis Life Hoody Sweatshirt.  The text give you a prompt for more information on claiming the Reward.  You will then be connected to a page that is identified by your phone number which now gives you further instructions on how to earn Reward Points.

If you click on the "REFER A FRIEND" link a box will open up with several options.

When you click on "FACEBOOK" or "TWITTER" you will be given clear instructions to post the image on you Page/Feed.



Genesis Life Wellness Center 


Once you are check in you will automatically receive this text.

​​This is how it works:

1. Every time you come to the office you will be checked into the Rewards Program and will be sent a confirmation text.  Every checked in visit will earn 1 Point.