Dr. Vetere

Genesis Life Chiropractic Center 

     There are hundreds of "diet" and "fitness" books on the market competing for you attention.  Some books are based on sound science while others are just deceptive fabrications of some pseudo-science that play on the the human desire of a "quick no stress" result.

     The GENESIS DIET Book comes from a completely different perspective.  Our belief is that if you want long lasting sustainable results you need to first change the way you think before you change the way you act.  The first three chapters of the GENESIS DIET focuses exactly on that.  You MUST first position yourself (mentally and emotionally) for success before you see it come to pass.  Otherwise, even with the best intentions, 97% of the population who start a wellness program quit within a few short months.

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ADDED BONUS: Genesis Life wellness workshop (On Video).  This is 1.5 hour video series that covers all the nuts and bolts to assist you in taking the first steps to wellness and securing the mindset for success.