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Our Philosophy - Our Difference

     Losing weight at any cost, without being mindful of your overall wellness is unwise and in the long run be very costly. This is what we believe:

  • Our food management plan is more about addition than subtraction.  Slow and steady addition of healthy food that you like and minimization (not elimination) of your unhealthy favorites is a more sustainable option.
  • Slow incremental changes in shopping, preparing and menu planning works practically and emotionally for long term success.
  • Safe and simple exercises at first, progressing to more advanced doctor supervised sessions for maximum results.
  • Supplements that make sense to improve overall wellness.

In short, the GLWP motivates, empowers and establishes a success attitude that not only gets our patients to an ideal weight, but improves their overall health and vitality

Below is a brief video:

     At the GLWC we are more about "Wellness" than "weight loss".  The Internet and the Saturday morning infomercials are filled with "lose weight fast" schemes, plans and bizarre apparatuses selling the hope of a slim new you in 30 days of less.

     These hard to believe programs play on our innate desire for proverbial "shortcut" to success.  This is what you think you want:

  • A meal plan that includes all you favorite foods
  • An exercises program that takes just a few minutes a day (without sweating)
  • Magic herbs that burn fat and tone muscles
  • And a price that is well within budget

Simply put we want it cheap - fast - and without much effort!

The sad truth is that most of these plans DON'T WORK, or is they do have some results they don't last or are completely unsustainable.

So if your tired of having hope in the hype, if your tired of  the roller coaster of unscientific fad diets, then maybe it's time to try something that makes sense and really works!

Attaining Ideal Weight & Body Fat Percentage